Current Lead Time is 4 - 5 Weeks Due to Order Volume

16 June Update

Hey everyone, Justin here!

Whether you've been following American Madera Flag Co. For a while or you're new to our company and mission, we'd like to say welcome! As a reminder, we are a small Active Duty Military owned company, and we've been lucky and blessed with the sheer amount of support you all have provided! With that Active Duty Status also comes certain obligations such as training rotations and deployments. Due to certain career ambitions and opportunities, I will be gone for a couple of months for training, which means a large portion of AMF Co.'s work force will be gone. With that, any orders placed AFTER 21 June Will not be shipped out until Late September AT THE EARLIEST, to allow time for my wife to, well, be awesome and manage our family, our business, and her own job while I am gone. Any orders placed up to this point will be fulfilled by 18 June, so you don't have to worry if you haven't received your flag yet! It's important to note that we will not be shutting down any flag making during this time, but we are trying to get ahead of the high volume of orders we've been receiving and want to make sure we provide the best experience for everyone.

We are truly appreciative of the support and patience during this time. This is one of the challenges of a small family-owned business, and we at American Madera Flag Co. will continue to provide you with the highest level of customer service you've come to know and appreciate. Thank you for your understanding!

- Justin Rivera, Founder